What Is A Pledge And Security Agreement

3.2. Conflicting laws and treaties. Neither the implementation and provision of this security agreement by this donor, the creation and development of the security interest in the guarantees that are made to it, nor the compliance with the provisions granted to it are not contrary to the existing legislation, Provisions, regulations, regulations, writings, judgment, order, decree or arbitration that bind the general public or (ii) such a charter , grantor153s article or initiation act, , partnership agreement or statutes (or similar constituent documents) or (iii) the provisions of a physical intrusion – a material instrument or material agreement to which that grantor is partisan, to which it is subject or in conflict with this treaty or which constitutes a delay, or which is the institution or imposition of a Link in, the property or ownership of such a fellow according to the conditions of such a fellow , instrument or agreement (with other administration officials on behalf of the insured parties and other links that are authorized in accordance with Section 6.02 of the credit contract). Under Dutch (Dutch) law, the Dutch civil code designates the guarantee as an agreement by which a third party undertakes a contractual creditor to comply with a debtor`s contractual obligations. Such a guarantee agreement is concluded between the surety company and the creditor. The debtor of the guaranteed commitment is not required to participate in such an agreement. It is even possible that such a guarantee agreement will be concluded without the debtor`s knowledge or agreement. Article 7:850 of the Dutch Civil Code is established: 1. A guarantee agreement is an agreement under which one of the parties (hereafter referred to as the guarantee) has committed to the other party (the “creditor”) to fulfil an obligation that a third party (the principal debtor) has owed or returned to the creditor. 2. For the validity of a guarantee agreement, it is not necessary for the principal debtor to know the existence of the guarantee in question. 3.

The legal provisions relating to joint and several bonds apply to a bonding contract, as long as the provisions of this security do not deviate from it. With regard to the nature of the commitment guaranteed by a guarantee agreement under Dutch law, Article 7:854 of the Dutch Civil Code states that if the principal debtor`s guaranteed commitment relates to a benefit other than the payment of a sum of money, the surety contract is considered a guarantee of the creditor`s claim on the sum of money. which is attributable to the principal debtor if it has not fulfilled its primary obligation to the creditor, unless the surety agreement expressly provides for something else. [2] 4.12. intellectual property. No Grantor has a registered interest in a registered document or entry title, except as indicated in Appendix “B.” If, after the date of this document, a grantor obtains, solicits or applies for rights to a new copyright of registered material, that grantor informs the administrator as part of any certificate of compliance made available to the administrative officer in accordance with the credit agreement.