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In addition, the worker`s employment contract must contain the specific conditions set out in the work letter prior to the registration of the employment contract with MOHRE. This is in accordance with Article 4 of Ministerial Order 764 of 2015, which states that “the employer must use a standard contract from the ministerial system that specifically covers the terms of the offer of work and collects the employee`s signature on the contract before submitting it to the ministry for registration. No change or replacement of conditions may be made unless such a change or substitution benefits the worker and, after authorization for modification or replacement, either by the worker and by the ministry.” A fixed-term contract may be renewed with the agreement of both parties or the parties may agree, after the end of the contract, to convert the contract into an indeterminate contract. Note: However, in order for a work-related document to be legally applicable, this document must be translated into Arabic and incorporated into your federal employment contract as an appendix to the Other Terms section. All other documents and communications between you and your employer are binding only to the extent that one or both parties engage, i.e. a handshake or a gentleman`s agreement, without legal effect. The service allowance payable to the worker in the event of termination of a fixed-term contract may vary on the basis of a number of factors, including (i) whether the contract has been terminated by the employer or employee; and (ii) the number of years of service. The minimum delivery allowance to be paid in different circumstances is that workers must therefore exercise due diligence and be sure to understand the terms of their contracts before signing the document. It is best to have a friend or colleague who understands both English and Arabic to check your contract. Under the United Arab Emirates Labour Act No. 8 of 1980, there are two types of employment contracts: fixed-term or fixed-term contracts and indeterminate contracts. The difference is in the broadcast and notice time provisions.

In 2018, the United Arab Emirates implemented the system of part-time contracts through a ministerial resolution. Fixed-term contracts are useful when an employer has to hire employees in specific projects and the duration of these projects is known in advance. Choosing the right type of contract at the beginning of a employment relationship is important to reduce risk. Do you know the types of contracts available and the main differences? In both cases, you must provide important evidence to the Ministry of Labour in order for your employment contract to be terminated. Each case is judged on the basis of merit. What is an employment contract? Is it the same as an employment contract? Under the UAE Labour Act, there are two main ways for an employer to legally terminate an indeterminate contract: under the UAE Labour Act, a worker is entitled to “early termination pay” of a minimum three-month pay, including salary and compensation (or the remainder of the contract if the remaining time is less than three months) employer attempts to terminate the contract before the deadline expires. Fixed-term contracts are taken into account on the start and end dates of the period of employment. If the contract is not renewed, it is automatically terminated if it expires. In accordance with the 1980 UAE Labour Law No.

8 (amended) (“UAE Labour Law”), which applies to all employers in the United Arab Emirates (except those based at the Dubai International Financial Centre (“DIFC”), there are two types of employment contracts that employers can issue to workers; fixed-term or indeterminate contracts. In 2018, the Ministry of Personnel and Emiratiization (MoHRE) introduced a new rule allowing companies to recruit professionals from home or abroad under a multi-employer contract (part-time contract).